World’s most relaxing color

World's most relaxing color

The University of Sussex study conducted on over 26,000 people discovered the world’s most relaxing color.

Scientists try to find the emotional responses of participants to specific colors. So research found that dark blue is the go-to shade if you’re looking for some stress relief.   Calmness is most inspired by dark blues, turquoise, and pinks. While notions of the future are most often associated with shades of green.

Our associations

According to the ecological valence theory, humans associated these colors with environmental features.
We associate these hues with clear skies, clean water, and vegetation. Sounds great, if you searching for some seascape painting for your home!

‘The study underlined that color is as much about substance as it is about beauty.’ This is a great reason to think about how to add a touch of tranquility to your home design with a healing seascape!
‘The fascinating results and their relevance are shared in the report — inspiring the world to think differently about the role and value of color in our lives.’
Want to know more about how art makes you healthier?

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